Commercial kiko goats for sale

We're glad to see you. We are always glad to visit with old friends or make new ones. If you see anything interesting here, or have questions Give us a call. We use and support the National KIko Registry. Click the button below to visit their website for more KIko information.

commercial kiko goats for sale

Goat Hill Kikos. Welcome to our Website We're glad to see you. Iron Horse - At the Showcase Sale we had the 2nd highest selling goat in the sale behind only a family that sold as a unitthe highest selling yearling, and the highest selling purebred. In recent years we been represented by many goats that were the high selling individuals at sales including the Cream of the Crop Sale and the Oklahoma HIlls Sale. Much of our success was due to the genetics of the great Iron Horse.

Two of the sons of his last natural crop tied for highest selling buck title at the Cream of the Crop Sale. They are buried together under a hilltop shade tree on the farm that they paid for. Our does keep on turning the crank for us and we had highest selling doe at 's Oklahoma Hills Sale.

We look forward to working with you to grow your herd. Why Kikos? As a food animal veterinarian I have been very aware of the meat goat problems of parasitism, feet problems, and poor mothering traits. The Kiko breed is ideal for eliminating or reducing these problems. They are also strong foragers. Less problems and better use of forages means more profits!

In recent years university studies have confirmed what Kiko Breeders already knew. Bigger does do not necessarily mean bigger kids. Research has shown that when raised on mother's milk and vegetation, Kiko and Kiko cross kids reach market weight faster than any other breeds tested. Although growth rate is important, reproductive efficiency is more important. Kiko does have more kids and they get them up, get them fed and get them moving, even on the coldest nights, with minimal help from you!

When looking at reproductive performance only the number of kids weaned counts. We honed our Kiko genetics in our commercial herd and want to make the same genetics available to you.

We offer purebred Kiko bucks at affordable prices to commercial meat goat breeders with selection based on low maintenance high performance needed for profitability. Any doe that need to be dewormed more than once per year, usually during lactation, is culled.Our motto More Kids, More Meat, Less Parasites was devised one afternoon while we were in the truck driving, when we began talking about how to explain our philosophy on raising high-quality, healthy, productive goats.

Excellent maternal qualities are critical for profitable goat production. The economics of raising meat goats requires that the does consistently produce multiple kid litters More Kids. If the does have only single kids, profitable goat production is unlikely -- the goal is to raise at least two kids; sometimes this average happens if you have a few singles with a few sets of triplets or the occasional set of quads.

The new kids need to come into this world without needing assistance, on pasture, with lots of colostrum from their mother. They need to be licked dry, nursed, and bedded where they can be supervised by their mom. The faster the litter of kids reach marketable weight, the more likely the goat producer will be able to stay in business.

So, pounds of goats More Meat stepping on the scale is an important criteria for selection of genetically superior Kiko goats. We on-farm performance test our goats using the Oklahoma State University performance software downloadable free from their website. Keeping accurate records helps us benchmark our progress and clarifies what our breeding program is actually accomplishing.

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We breed our does to kid beginning in late January and ending in mid-March. In east Texas, that means we are weaning the kids so that they can take advantage of our lush spring pastures that are at their peak in May and June.

Seeing the big picture in kid production is critical—nothing is left to chance. We work hard to manage parasites in our goats, starting with using rotational grazing so that our animals are not eating below 4 inches of forage in our pastures. This means that whenever we vaccinate goats, weigh goats, wean goats, etc. By keeping this type of record, we know which animals are genetically more resistant to parasites and are able to plan our next breeding season to maximize these traits.

The most recent research now emphasizes that goats should ONLY be dewormed when medically necessary, preferably using two or three of the three classes of dewormers currently on the market.

What we feed our Boer Goats

Having to continually or even occasionally deworm an animal leads to them being culled from our herd—no exceptions. If you'd like additional information, please email us at kstemme gmail. Show More. Some thoughts about our motto.We love our customers, so feel free to call and schedule a visit or contact us via email or texting. Rocking W Kikos is dedicated to raising top quality Kiko goats. The Kiko breed is known for their exceptional maternal instincts, longer productive years of the does, rapid growth rate of kids, less foot problems, fewer health issues and aggressive foraging which gives them substantial weight gains with natural input.

Rocking W Kikos is a family operated farm nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Ozark Mountains. We made the decision to transition our entire goat herd over to Kiko breed in the summer of We had purchased a Kiko commercial goat the summer of and after she had her babies, we were sold on the breed.

We searched and searched until we found another farm with with genetics that we were seeking. Our Spring of kidding season is going to be an exciting time for us. We will not have any goats for sale until after our January kidding. Please email or text us and we will contact you as soon as we get ready to sell them. Sign up to hear from us about specials, sales, and events.

We will be retaining all of our does from our kidding season.

commercial kiko goats for sale

We will be selling 2 bucklings. Subscribe to our page to receive farm updates and sales. About Our Goats. Other Commercial Goats. Goats For Sale. National Kiko Registry. Signed in as:.

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Sign out.Site sponsored by:. I have for sale purebred alpine doe. In previous lactations she has peaked out at a gallon and a half! We also h We have 30 beautiful pygmy goats we are selling, wonderful as livestock or as pets! My health is declining and I am downsizing my farm. Help me find these animals a wonderful new home! He will be ready in 6 weeks, UTD on vaccinations, and registration application. Yearling doe and wether.

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Older doe. Have to cut back. All hand raised and friendly. Dairy, hobby farm or pet quality. Reasonably priced All up to date with shots.

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Mother and father both on site. All goats are intact and have th Proven sire. Located in Preston, Georgia. Call and leave message at Make offer They were loose without much human interference for a while, so I can't answer many questions. I needed to separate the big billy Those 2 and their babies are my only crosses.

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The rest are full blood kiko goats. My cross does will be bred back to my kiko buck. I have 2, The red and white doe is 2 years old and has kidded 1 time. She had 3 live kids and no trouble.

The brown and black do We also All come with registration papers. Great milking lines and we Great milking and show lines. Clean, tested herd.

commercial kiko goats for sale

ADGA plus herd yearly official milk test and appraisal.These goats are the pinnacle of the meat goat business. When you mix the Savanna goat with the Boer goat you get a gene explosion. This creates a bigger healthier more disease resistant and more parasite residant hybrid.

They are also a very beautiful animal. White Rock Ranch has over goats to choose from. We like to sell these goats as a package.

White Rock Ranch has many packages to choose from! All goats are on site at the ranch. They are browsing in our most pristine pastures in the rolling mountains of Jacksboro Texas. These goats can be bought at the Ranch or delivered to your ranch or farm. Delivery price depends on quantity and distance.

Package one is five female boer goats that are ready to breed. Package two is 10 ready to breed females Boer goats. Package three is 15 ready to breed female Boer goats. Package four is 20 ready to breed female boer goats. The Savanna meat goats origin is South Africa. They were raised with no or very little human intervention. This made the goat very hardy. Only the strong survived. When mixing this breed with Boer goats the Hybrid Vigor is amazing. The kids are hardy and big. They pack on the weight fast which is good for your bottom line.

We proudly accept the following credit cards. Registered Texas Longhorn Lean Beef. Goat Packages.Our website displays differently on a mobile phone than it does on a PC.

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To view more of our websites pages on your phone you will need to find the web page menu bar on your phone. The menu is a black bar with 3 white dashes in the center of it.

You may need to scroll up on the web page to find this bar. When you touch the white dashes in the bar the other pages on our website will display. Touch the name of the page you would like to visit. See pictures below. And we would like to give a special thanks to those who have visited the farm to see our kid crop and bought right out of the pasture. We appreciate the time you took to visit our website, call and talk about goats and make the trip here.

Powered by GoDaddy Website Builder. Meridian, OK. Contact Us. Herd Sires. For Sale. Good to Know. Reference Goats. We love Kiko goats! There's so much to see here. Take your time to look at our goats and their great bloodlines. The goal for our Kiko breeding program is happy and healthy bloodlines.

He is a son of Blue's Son and throws a lot of color and spots to his kids. He has excellent parasite resistance and has never been wormed. Our Kiko Goat Herd - The Kids are here! More to come later Kiko Goats - Ain't They Cute?Short's Livestock.

Welcome to the Ranch! We are Dewey and Addie Short.

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Short's Livestock is located on about beautiful acres in central Texas. We started with spanish and spanish crossed goats in the mid 70's, to help control the brush.


We added boer and pygmy goats in the 80's, and thats when we also got into limousin cattle. Goats and cattle are the perfect combination, goats prefer browse, and cattle like the grass. Over the years we just let mother nature take it's course, and wound up with all different combinations of goats. One thing always remained the same, the boer and pygmys always required more maintenance than any of the other goats. Watching over the nannies in the winter during kidding season to assist with birthing or to make certain the babies were not abandoned in the freezing.

House: It was always terrible to go out on a winter morning to find a kid frozen to death because the mother had left it. Kikos came from New Zealand where breeders crossed feral goats with dairy goats to develop a hardier, faster growing meat goat that required little or no human intervention.

They were bred to be more parasite resistant, have good mothering abilities resulting in a lower maintenance goat. We decided to give them a try. We purchased two "bottle baby" Kikos. Some people won't bother with bottle babies, but with a little time and effort, they can make excellent additions to your herd.

Our first kidding season with the Kikos was great! Those does did exactly what they were suppose to, with no help from us. That's not to say that you won't ever have to worm, or trim hooves on your Kikos, you might, but you will do much less of it. We bred our Boer and Boer crosses to our Kiko sires, and the results were great! Those crosses have grown so fast it's hard to tell them from some of our two year olds.

From the commercial meat goat standpoint, that's exactly what you're breeding for. Something new will pop up, seems like every day, and if you don't know the answer, there is always other "goat people" who have probably had the same problem who are glad to share their their knowledge. Our ranch is a popular destination with our neighbors and family and friends. The children and some adults love playing with the goats, and the goats love the attention.

Come see us!

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